In the current job market, managers receive dozens of resumes. They do not have time to read lengthy listings of skills and complete life histories. For them, "less is more."   The goal of your resume should be to motivate employers to call you in for an interview.  Then during your interview, you can discuss your background in as much detail as the employer desires.  

Which type of resume is right for you?  Chronological focuses on your work history with your most recent position first.  This is an easy format for employers to follow your career history and progression.  (Click for Sample Chronological Resume).  Functional resumes focus on your skills and experience and is used most often when there are employment gaps or you are changing careers.  (Click for Sample Functional Resume). 

                                                         Some other helpful ideas for building your resume include: 
                                                                   Click for a list of resume approved action words;
                                                                   Click for some personal qualities ideas to include in your resume;
                                                                   and Click here for a list of functional skills.


Most jobs will now require the applicant to fill out an online application even if you have been personally referred for the position.  Here are a few tips:

   ~  Have your resume available to answer questions

   ~  Don't leave any question blank

   ~  Answer all questions truthfully

   ~  Save it and come back later to review before submitting

   ~  Don't answer questions with 'see resume'

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Prepare for your interview.  Research the company and make sure you have a few questions you can ask if given the opportunity.  Drive to the interview location before the interview to make sure you know where you are going and will arrive on time.  Dress for success, you should look your best when you to into an Interview, dress professionally. 


 Practice a 30-second commercial about yourself.  Click here for some guidelines for building your commercial.


Most interviewers ask similar questions during job interviews that relate to how your skills, knowledge, training, and work experience fit the job opening in the
company. Click here for a list of sample interview questions - and the answers!

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