Meet JCEP Partner MJB Wood Group

     Fred Durnbaugh, Production Manager with MJB Wood Group in Cedar Hill, has one goal - to find employees with the right attitude.  This nationwide manufacturing company produces wood paneling and molding and employs over fifty people locally.  MJB Wood Group also has distribution centers in Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, and Oregon. 


     When Fred contacted Mary Weaver, JCEP Training and Development Specialist, about hiring JCEP participants she asked, “How did you get my contact information? His response was, “I hired one of your people and am so impressed with him that I want you to send me more.”  So she did.


     Although it might seem like a small operation, Fred assures us that it’s not.  MJB Wood Group is an industry leader in the production and manufacturing of wood products and has a wide range of customers.  As with any growing company, Fred is seeking potential employees who have a desire to work and the right attitude. 


     Upon meeting Fred for the first time, Mary wanted to know, “What makes a good employee?”  Fred stated, “Attitude!  I can teach skills, but I need someone who has the right attitude.”  He doesn’t like the words, “I can’t.”  Fred went on to state, “I want people who strike the word can’t from their vocabulary.  I believe anything can be done and that’s what I look for in an employee.”


When asked, “Why hire Soldiers?”  He quickly replied, “The percentage of success is far greater than someone that hasn’t served.” Fred listed several reasons that Soldiers make better employees - their work ethic is better, they are more reliable, and they will get the job done – see it through to the end.

After receiving a tour of the company and speaking with two of the JCEP participants who were recently hired Mary asked Fred, “Any final comments?”  He stated, “When I hire military I get the best of the best.”