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Deanna Horton attended a Yellow Ribbon with her husband after he returned from a deployment and was introduced to JCEP.  She now works as a Juvenile Probation Officer and writes, " I want to thank you so much for your help, the leads, the encouragement, and the reassurance you gave me while I waited for something good to happen.  I didn't realize until I had no answer to the question "so...what do you do??" that so much of my identity is wrapped up in being able to answer that question proudly.  I know you do as much for everyone else and more and I want to thank you for that as well.”

Earl Portnoy, President of Security Reconnaissance Team Incorporated, offered to teach a security class at Redbird Armory. Specialist Gerardo “Jerry” Botello was one of ten JCEP participants that took advantage of the training that week. For Jerry, the class would lead to a Level 3 security guard certification and a new job working for Earl.  Mr. Portnoy has hired four JCEP participants, has helped place more than 25 JCEP participants with different companies, and has personally trained over 50 JCEP participants to receive their license in private security.


SGT Justin Stewart always wanted to go into Law Enforcement. He
attended Liberty University and Des Moines Community College pursuing an
Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice prior to his deployments. SGT Stewart and JCEP started working together in March, first building him a resume he could use when he came home to Iowa after his deployment to Afghanistan followed by an assignment to the Fort Riley WTU. After seven months Sergeant Justin Stewart was released from the WTU, returned to Iowa, and began his new job.


David Peavy contacted the National Guard’s Job Connection Education Program for assistance.   “My boss, Major Brian Michel, told me about JCEP, which is a group that helps Veterans find a job and works with them closely until they get one.  After the first visit, I knew JCEP would be able to help me.”  Mary Weaver, his employment counselor, "was wonderful in helping me find a job. She would contact me by phone or email or both just to check on me and see how I was doing. There are not many people in this world that would do that.”


A position for Jim Wells County Public Transportation Department was sent through the JCEP networking vine and presented as an opportunity to SGT Masumi Borgohain who knew she had the skills and experience to fulfill the job duties required for the Program Manager position.  When speaking with her new boss for the success story he said he'd chosen Masumi for the  position because, “You can’t teach discipline or being detailed-oriented. One doesn’t teach how to stay focused or on task, yet these are highly valuable skills. Masumi Borgohain possessed those skills through the military and that is why she is a wonderful match to our organization.”


Carlos first heard about JCEP while drilling at Fort McCoy.  For Carlos, his dream of becoming a Police Officer was about to come true and according to Carlos, JCEP provided assistance that lead to that success.  “One thing that I can say is I am so thankful I signed up for JCEP because it gave me an edge through the job search process. Soldiers need to sign up for the program.  I am so glad as a Veteran we come back to the civilian side and have a program like this.”  Congratulations, Officer Carlos Puente Morales of the City of Ottumwa Police Department.


SPC Martin is on his way to bright new career with Schlumberger as a Field Specialist specializing in wire lining. The road to get to where this Texas Army National Guardsman ultimately met his destination was paved with numerous challenges, but SPC Martin met each with determination.  "JCEP notified me of the opportunity, assisted me in targeting my attributes, made the employer connection, and helped with the applicant process so that I could be where I am today."


On the Monday after drill weekend and registering for JCEP a job blast that was sent out caught Gabriel’s eye and he applied. A few days later, Time Warner Cable, an employer partner with JCEP, called Gabriel in for an interview for a Cable Installation Tech. Within one week of coming into the office and registering for assistance with JCEP, Gabriel had a job offer that he couldn’t refuse. Magic happened for Gabriel Carrillo and he credits JCEP for his success. “They actually pushed me to get this job. I wouldn’t have known about it or applied for it without their help.”


The first time PFC Charity Spead walked through JCEP’s door, she had lost hope, lost confidence, and lost dreams of  a better tomorrow for herself and her son.  The first person Charity met was Annette Robinson, a Training and Development Specialist with JCEP.  After visiting with Charity, Annette learned that she had no resume, no interviewing clothes, difficulties with transportation, and she was living with her mom.  This was a lady who needed what JCEP had to offer.  After working with JCEP, Charity is employed and living in her own apartment.


SPC Ryan Adams, a twenty-three year old Texas Army National Guard Soldier, was running out of options and hope of employment, until meeting with Mary Weaver, a Training and Development Specialist from the Job Connection Education Program (JCEP).  On May 11, 2010, while attending a JCEP Orientation, Ryan was quoted in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, “I’m just grasping for programs like this but I’m not sure how promising this is."  Two days later he was employed as a Shipping Specialist.


"I always wanted to own my own business. People I have admired are those who are in business for themselves.” SPC Kevin Williams and Efren (JCEP business advisor and former business owner) worked on a business plan and discussed financing, loans and options for getting the business going.  Kevin now owns a power washing business.  “JCEP continues to help me. They’ve got your back and help you with the things you don’t know. Efren is like a safety net. If you get to a place you need help, he’s there to help you.”


PFC Andrew Thompson had been seeking employment for several months before finding JCEP online.  After working with JCEP counselors Andrew is now employed in a job that he enjoys. "I love my job because it's hard work and all the responsibility is on me to do a good job."  He's proud of the trust that is given him on a dialy basis by the owner.  According to Andrew, “The National Guard puts you on the right track, but you have to take advantage of the benefits and resources. JCEP is an excellent benefit!”


When SGT Michael Turk showed up in the JCEP office he was desperately seeking help in finding employment. As a Soldier in the National Guard, Michael faced many challenges, but was surprised at how difficult the role of job seeker can be. After returning from an Iraq deployment he spent four months searching for meaningful employment without success. “I tried so many ways to get a job and searched locally, statewide, and nationally, but you guys (JCEP) were the best doing what you do,” said Turk.  Once the JCEP staff went into action, Michael was on his way to an exciting new job.


SPC Arron McQueen has lots to say about JCEP.  During a conversation with Mary Weaver (JCEP training and development specialist) Arron was asked, “What’s the one thing you want others to know about JCEP?” He smiled and stated, “JCEP is heads above the rest. If you need something, go to JCEP. They will sit down with you, talk to you, and help you figure out how to solve your problem or issues.” Arron went on to say, “The people at JCEP give you the personal touch. You know someone cares, because they help you out and make you stand out. That’s what is special about JCEP.”


When asked about her job search SPC Jasmine Wills shared her struggles and frustration at looking for employment. She explained how JCEP was instrumental in the job search, improving her resume and providing encouragement. With the support of the JCEP team, she felt she could go after her dream job and was able to obtain employment with the Dallas Sheriff’s Department - and she loves her job.


SGT Gilbert Gomez is a recent retiree from the Texas Army National Guard’s 72nd IBCT.  After retiring, Gilbert found that the job market had changed over the years and he needed help with his job search.  When asked, “What about JCEP has impacted you the most?”  Gilbert responded, “Professionalism!  They showed an interest in me.  They really go out of the way to assist a Soldier.”  He went on to say, “They took me in, gave me love, and taught/guided me all the way to finding a civilian job.”


Together with the resume and job blasts Ben was able to find employment within the month of registering with JCEP.  Ben stated, “They [JCEP] had me working in no time!” He went on to share, “Between the great resources and almost daily email blasts, I had lots of jobs to choose from.”
When asked for any additional comments, Ben shared, “If looking for a job, JCEP is the best way to go. They are so easy and helpful. Just come in and they give you lots of options for employment. It’s great!”