The Job Connection Education Program (JCEP) staff is here to help Guard and Reserve Service Members and their spouses who are unemployed or under-employed find careers.  Offered by the Army National Guard , dedicated training and development specialists and a skilled business advisor will assist participants in making their job connections.  Texas was chosen as the first site for the Job Connection Education Program with offices in the Fort Worth Sandage Armory and the Houston Westheimer Armoy.  JCEP is now also in Iowa, Wisconsin and Tennessee assisting Service Members and their families.

 JCEP is focused on providing:

           * one-on-one counseling

           * employment assistance for unemployed or

                underemployed Service Members and their spouses

           * education assistance for those Soldiers who

                would prefer to get their degrees or

                trade certifications

          * resume review and mock interviews

          * relevant workforce training

          * online job search training and assistance

          * personal assistance from a business advisor
                working with local employers to hire JCEP


Not only are Service Members and their spouses benefiting from JCEP, but employers are excited about JCEP as well.  When Fred Durnbaugh, production manager of MJB Wood Group in Cedar Hill contacted Mary Weaver, JCEP Training and Development Specialist, about hiring JCEP participants she asked, “How did you get my contact information? His response was, “I hired one of your people and am so impressed with him that I want you to send me more.” 

“When I hire military I get the best of the best.”

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